Job description:
1. Participate in exhibitions; Explore and develop new customers from South America market;
2. Formulate the marketing strategy and annual sales plan, and achieve the annual target;
3. Collect and file customer information, prepare market analysis report, develop and maintain customer relationship;
4. Familiar with the whole process of import and export trade and enhance the risk control;
5. Follow up and process customer orders and follow up payment collection;

Recruitment requirements:
1. Age above 22 years
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in medicine, chemical industry, international trade, marketing, Spanish, English, etc;
3. More than 1 year working experience in foreign trade or more than 2 years working experience in import and export trade; Familiar with Europe, Middle East and South America market is preferred
4. Fluent in English and Spanish, excellent oral and written skills in English and Spanish, able to negotiate with customers independently;
5. Familiar with international trade work flow and relevant laws and regulations, master international trade knowledge and skills, and be able to flexibly use various marketing strategies, and independently develop domestic and foreign markets;
6. Familiar with domestic and international pharmaceutical and chemical markets, and understand the pharmaceutical and chemical industry regulations of India, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries;
7. Strong organization, coordination, management ability, strong sense of responsibility, dedication and team spirit, able to work under pressure;