About Us

Beijing Benocon Pharma Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 with registered capital of 10 million yuan, It was jointly established by a number of international and domestic companies. The purpose of its establishment is better to integrate resources, transform traditional trade models, and deploy products and technology global horizontal and vertical integration and efficient docking of products and technologies in medical field complying with principle of global horizontal and vertical integration and effective connecting.

"Customer oriented, innovation oriented" as the company's tenet, we will dedicate to satisfy the increasing all-round demands of customers, and innovate and create the products and service models constantly. At present, the company’s employees include operation masters of top-500, overseas returnees with R&D and plant background and elites of domestic top biological start-ups, meanwhile, the company has recruited a number of foreign experts as consultants to expedite international business development. 

Currently, the company is mainly engaged in the operation of pharmaceutical raw materialsAPI, pharmaceutical chemicals, pharmaceutical preparations, and medical equipment, as well as the export and introduction of related products and technologies. We have long-term and stable business cooperation with dozens of foreign pharmaceutical companies, multinational chemical companies and foreign distributors. At present, we maintain the export and import of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical technology business in Pakistan, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Russia…etc.

Looking to the future, the company will introduce advanced international pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and other cutting-edge high-tech medical products and technologies in a long-term. Riding on the boat of "innovation of all people" to bring in innovative medical and medical products that meet international high standards for our country, and contribute to the field of public health.