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China takes the lead in launching anti-respiratory syncytial virus clinical research

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WHO data show that there are nearly 30 million elderly patients infected with respiratory syncytial virus each year, and at least 2 million are severely ill hospitalized patients. Experts from the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong analyzed the situation of nearly 20,000 hospitalized patients with confirmed respiratory virus infections in the past 15 years and found that respiratory syncytial virus and influenza A virus were listed as the two major killers of children and the elderly. People over 65 years of age Respiratory syncytial virus accounted for 20% of the deaths. Respiratory syncytial virus infection can last for about 20 days. Many patients mistakenly believe that influenza is often untreated or use anti-influenza virus drugs on their own. When it is discovered that 7 days have passed. Not getting better, turning to anxious state of mind and even blindly using drugs, which further aggravated the condition.


Professor Cao Bin, executive deputy director of the Respiratory Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, shared the "Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infectious Diseases" at the meeting. He pointed out in the report: A latest epidemiological survey showed that in the UK alone, there are about 487,247 people requiring medical treatment, 17,799 hospitalizations and 8,482 deaths per RSV epidemic season among adults over 18 years old in the UK; 65 years old Patients accounted for 36% of the medical treatments, 79% of hospitalizations, and 93% of deaths. The results of the Asian study are similar. A study from South Korea shows that the 20-day all-cause mortality rate in patients with respiratory syncytial virus infection over the age of 18 is higher than that of influenza (18.4% vs. 6.7%); and seasonal influenza Compared with the group, the risk of death caused by RSV infection was significantly higher. “There are currently more than 240 million people over the age of 60 in China, all of whom are at high risk of respiratory syncytial virus infection. The burden on families and society is huge. The results of the AK0529 China Adult Phase II clinical trial are expected to fill the treatment of viral infections in China and the world The data in the field is blank."