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European Commission releases new version of bio-economy development strategy

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On October 12th, 2018, the European Commission issued a new version of the Bio-economy Strategy-"European Sustainable Bio-economy: Strengthening the Links Between Economy, Society and Environment", aiming to develop sustainable services for European society, environment and economy And a circular bio-economy to help cope with global and regional challenges such as climate change.


This new bio-economy development strategy is an update and upgrade of the 2012 strategy. It has set three key goals and will implement 14 specific measures in 2019. The first is to expand and strengthen the bio-related industries. Including the establishment of a 100 million euros special investment platform for circular bio-economy, strengthening the connection between related scientific research and the market, reducing the risk of private sector investment in sustainable industries, and promoting the development of sustainable bio-refineries. The second is to accelerate the deployment of bio-economy in Europe, especially to release the potential of biomass energy and waste utilization in Central and Eastern Europe. Including the formulation of a strategic deployment agenda for food and agricultural systems, forestry and bio-related products; the establishment of the EU bio-economy policy support mechanism in the "Horizon 2020" plan to promote regional and member states' policy formulation; development in rural, coastal and urban areas Pilot projects for the development of bio-economy. The third is to protect the ecosystem and raise awareness of environmental protection. Including the implementation of the EU-wide monitoring and evaluation system to track the progress of sustainable and circular bio-economy development; the use of platforms such as the Bio-economy Knowledge Center to collect and obtain data and information to enhance public awareness and understanding; Provide guidance and examples for the operation of the economic system.